Fitlink specializes in equipment layout design and function.

Our mission is to design a unique flow to the layout that creates space and enhances all areas of exercise. Our extensive background in equipment mechanics help guide our purposeful arrangement of exercise equipment.

Each facility can expect:

  • An Engaging Environment
  • Spatial Layout
  • Maximum Functionality
  • Custom Equipment Selection
  • Competitive Equipment Pricing

We are experts in project management, from purchasing through our trusted vendors to coordinating deliveries and following through on deliverables. We make the design phase as seamless as possible.

FitLink seeks out the best vendors for each job, providing the following design components:

  • Flooring
  • Mirroring
  • A/V
  • Storage
  • Interior Design

Floorplan for One Dutch by FitLink. Check out our other locations.



Facility Orientation


Complimentary with our design service.

We have seen many capable fitness spaces vastly underutilized simply because the tenants were never taught how to use the equipment.

This is where FitLink comes in.

FitLink provides the missing link for residents and tenants, offering complimentary orientations to every space we design. We make sure the tenants are familiar and comfortable with all the options available in their space.

The more they use the space, the higher the value of your amenity package.

153 Remsen designed by FitLink. Check out our other  locations .

153 Remsen designed by FitLink. Check out our other locations.